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The Código Interface Description Language (short: CIDL) is a formal language used to describe the interface of a blockchain smart contract. It can enable the expression and creation of programs of any level of complexity, from a single contract to multi-contract applications. It can be accessed by other contracts or users. The CIDL accelerates blockchain development and increases the security of the code.

Código's Interface Description Language (short: CIDL), is the main configuration file for your dApp projects. The CIDL is written in YAML format; the file extension commonly is .cidl, but .yaml and .yml are supported.


The IDE assistance provided by Código only supports the .cidl extension

In this section "Learning the basics", we will go through the basic structure of the CIDL. The CIDL learning curve is minimal; the complexity is defined by the complexity of the use case.

By good CIDL development practice is good to set the CIDL specification version as the first line of CIDL.

cidl: 0.9
cidlSpec versionRequiredA valid CIDL specification version

Check the change logs to get the latest spec version

Next steps

Learn about the supported data types and how to modify/extend their behavior through attributes. If you dominate these concepts, then you have mastered the CIDL.

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