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  • CIDL imports. Compose your CIDLs with other CIDLs implemented by Código or the Community.
  • Restructure the generated native program and client projects for better readability and maintainability.
  • Improve the Código CLI
    • Added flags to overwrite the default location for the generated program and program client
    • Added flags only to generate the program or the client
  • Added the Anchor CLI to Código Studio
  • Downloadable CLI. Now, you can download Código CLI to work from your local environment.


  • Anchor support was one of the most requested features during the private beta. We are glad to inform you that now you can generate 100% of the boilerplate code for the program and client libraries using the Anchor framework.
  • Expanded the supported use cases by adding support for cross-program invocation (CPI) of depth-1.
  • Solana has done a fantastic job helping the community reduce blockchain fees; thus, this release introduces state compression support.


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