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There are multiple options to get started with the Código Platform. The faster way is through Código Studio.

Código Studio

Código Studio is built on the foundation of Visual Studio Code, a popular desktop code editor many developers use. As a result, if you have experience using VSCode, you'll find that the web-based environment of Código Studio will feel familiar and intuitive. Código Studio comes with all the dependencies and configurations required to build dApps at the speed of light.

You can Sign Up using your GitHub account or create a new account using your email/password. When opening the link, you will be received with the following screen:

Código Studio Sign Up

To learn more about Código Studio click here

VSCode extension

Coming soon... In the following days, we will be releasing our VSCode extension through which you will be able to start from a template, generate code, and get the CIDL web-based documentation.

Follow us at X to learn more

Código CLI

You can generate code through the Código VSCode extension, but if you want to still do it from your terminal you can download the Código CLI. Select the installation link that corresponds to your operating system

TargetInstall Código CLI on your machine by running:
Apple macOS (ARM64)Download
Apple macOS (x86-64)Download
Microsoft WindowsDownload

Código Studio comes pre-install with Código CLI

Sign in to Código CLI

If you have accessed the platform through Código Studio or installed the Código CLI manually you are required to sign in with a GitHub account. To sign in, follow the next steps:

  1. Execute the command codigo login. This command will print a GitHub link and a device code
  2. Open the GitHub link
  3. Copy the 8 alphanumeric codes printed in your terminal by Código CLI
  4. Paste the code in the GitHub page

GitHub Device Code Input

  1. Authorize the GitHub Código CLI app.
  2. If everything went ok, you will be prompted with a success message from GitHub. In the terminal you will see "Login successfully!" message

GitHub Device Code Input